Goose bumps!

This the text of an e-mail I received yesterday:

"Won the 1/2 EC RR!!! 65 mile break with one dude. I'll see if there are photos." Jeremy

Wow!  Goose bumps!  Chills!  Emotions difficult to describe.

I so wish I had been there to give him a high five and a hug. 

I know how hard a 30 or 50 minute time trial is.  You turn yourself inside out and push the boundaries of pain and discomfort in ways you can't describe to other folks.  But to do it for 65 miles! Yeah, he had someone with him, but that might have added to the stress.  Two and half HOURS of knowing you are being chased is a looooonnnnng time.  And to put over four minutes on the peleton is mind blowing to me. 

Every time I see someone having fun on a Kesho or I hear of someone having a good ride on one makes me smile.  And yesterday, hearing from Jeremy about winning another road race on a frame I built with my hands, wow, I don't know what else to say but Thank You!